Macarena aims to create a global community of women supporting each other, embracing the power of feminine strength, and growing together through elegant and timeless pieces. Motivated by ideals of inclusivity, Macarena celebrates individuality and beauty. Effortless sophistication, intricate detailing, and everyday comfort characterize Macarena’s unique sets, dresses, and bodysuits. All proceeds are donated to two independent nonprofit organizations, Casa en el Árbol and Fundación Fuerza Femenina. Both organizations strive to provide educational and professional opportunities for socioeconomically vulnerable women in Colombia and Africa. Each piece contributes to Macarena’s mission of women empowerment, adding style and refinement to daily life.

Macarena is the work of Taliana Vargas and Natalia Botero. As a recognized artist and the founder of Casa en el Árbol, Taliana’s commitment to social work has been central throughout her career. Natalia is a third year at Georgetown University studying Psychology and Business, whose mission to give back has led to her creation of Fundación Fuerza Femenina. Despite their distinct backgrounds, their shared passions for fashion and philanthropy have united them throughout this project.

Macarena’s production comes to life through the Nu3 Foundation. Based in Colombia, Nu3 works with impoverished and vulnerable families by providing spaces of growth and learning. In line with Nu3’s value of entrepreneurship, Macarena enables Nu3 women to cultivate their sewing skills and further their love for fashion. Investing in Colombian talent and facilitating professional development, Macarena expands Nu3’s central mission. Macarena empowers women through all walks of life and of all backgrounds.